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A Southern Warm Welcome from the Owner, Chelsea

Welcome to Our Site! 

Hello parents and furry babies! My name is Chelsea Thrasher, owner of Southern Wags N Whiskers.

I’m honored that you chose to stop by and check us out. We offer pet services embedded in love and southern charm.


Mission Statement (A Pet Love Story)


For years, I felt unfulfilled in Corporate America and knew it was time for a change. Taking a leap of faith, and with animals being my first love, I manifested Southern Wags and Whiskers.

Love Story

My love for animals started at a very young age. I was raised around cats, but my first love came at the age of 12 when I met a sweet 4-week old kitten I named, Blue (pictured to the right). We shared 14 loving years together and he was truly my baby!

There is a much longer version of my story but I know your time is valuable.

Call me for more. I love talking about furry/scaly babies!


A Business Developed Naturally

Over the years, I have been the go-to pet sitter for my friends and family’s fur babies! They know if they are going out of town, working late, or simply tired, I am the superhero for all animals! Whether it’s walking the pups or cleaning the litter box, I’m your girl! Sometimes, I feel like I understand animals more than people. I flock to them and they flock to me, we are simply meant to be!


I would love to help you out with your babies, but I warn you, they may come back spoiled rotten, even more than I’m sure they already are!